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Screensavers Race

on December 30, 2008 by Mark Comments

Last October, Intel Brazil created probably one of the the most original screensavers ever, take this video as an example of what is it about:

Then, you were sent to this site where you had available making one of your own for your office. Although the site doesn’t seem to be available anymore (or at least i can’t access) i found some buzz about this searching at Technorati or Gizmodo.

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Honda’s bubbles

on July 10, 2008 by Martina Comments

If you enjoy bubbles and screensavers, make sure to check out this website launched by Honda in Japan. I don’t understand what’s its final purposeis (promoting a car? just branding for consumers with kids?), but the “build your screensaver” functionality looks nice.

And a free screensaver to customize and download is definitely a very good reason to visit a site. PS: do I really have to specify that I’m kidding?

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