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P&G and “the first moment of truth”

on September 25, 2005 by Martina Comments

Dominic Basulto on Corante New York points to a very interesting article on the WSJ discussing the importance of in-store product placement. According to Proctor & Gamble shoppers make up their mind about a product in three to seven seconds, just the time it takes to note a product on a store shelf. This time lapse is called (by P&G) “first moment of truth” and it’s considered the most important marketing opportunity for a brand. To give you an idea of how it’s relevant, just consider that P&G created a position 18 months ago, “Director of First Moment of Truth” to produce sharper, flashier in-store displays. To tell the truth, Paco Underhill has been talking about the importance of in-store product placement since years. His book “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping” is a must read not only for marketers, but for anyone interested in the aspects of shopper/store interaction. It is one of the first marketing books I read, and it’s amazing the lessons you learn from it, both as a marketer and as a consumer. Read it, and then your supermarket shopping experience will never be the same…

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Virtual dressroom not so far away

on January 27, 2004 by Martina Comments

BBC NEWS reports Toshiba is developing a technology that will replace dressrooms with a 3D system that will create a virtual customer. Video cameras snap the shopper, then clothes and accessories are selected and displayed immediately. But what about the thrill (or the disappointment) of trying on real clothes? Shopping is an experience, are we sure we want to make it virtual?

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