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August 14, 2007
The newsletter is back

I’m at home (connected) for a week. It’s a good opportunity to relax, read, think and fix a few things here on Adverblog.

eroiheader.gifFirst of all, the newsletter. It’s alive and kicky again since a few months, thanks to the incredible support of Eroi that not only kindly provides me with the application to send it out, but also managed to make it work without having to fight “weekly” with my lack of time (and slight lazyness). Today (and this is the big news), I’ve added again to my pages the sign-up form. If you subscribe, you will get an email every Thursday with the recap of the articles published here on the blog.

* required field

In the RSS era subscribing to a newsletter might sound a little bit old fashioned. But given the editorial approach we try to give to Adverblog (showcase the best, forget the rest) I still think that a weekly recap represents a good tool to archive and keep track of the campaigns worth being remembered. So don’t be shy nor lazy, and subscribe. The newsletter is weekly and double opt-in, so you won’t be spammed.

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