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KFC: Zinger Fish With Bite

1 week ago by Mark Comments

So KFC in Australia, via Ogilvy Sydney, has launched a new line. Zinger Fish. The launch print/outdoor ads use creatures of the sea that love to feast on fish – but these fish come with a firey burn. Read more…

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Innovation or Fail?

2 weeks ago by Mark Comments

Innovation in advertising is great. Innovation in advertising sometimes shits me to tears. It’s awards season and every agency and their dog has rolled out ‘new’ ideas using technology that we simply do NOT need. They create amazing case study video’s that tell you why it’s a MUST to have these things. You decide from a few selected below. Are these useful or just a waste of time and money? Know of any others? Read more…

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Smoking Shortens Your Penis via Grey Poland

3 weeks ago by Mark Comments

MTV S.S.Y.P – the world’s shortest condoms brand. Smoking Shortens Your Penis, so says Grey Poland. Warsaw Shore, a show on local TV says that drinking and smoking all night long leads to a smaller dick. Oh dear!! So they set about making condoms the size of tiny todgers Funny take on the serious anti-smoking message. Read more…

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Powerful Domestic Violence Awareness From BBDO Russia

3 weeks ago by Mark Comments

Powerful stuff. BBDO Russia Group and the “Family Matters” psychological aid centre created a 360 video warning people not to turn their back on a woman being beaten in a family. “Our video is purposely lacking action”, says Kirill Tsytkin, BBDO copywriter. “The first second you see a woman turning her eyes from the camera and a text going out of the eyesight. You can stay with the woman or follow the text. However, whatever you choose, you’ll have to watch the video again to see the story from all sides”. Read more…

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3 Words For Paris

3 weeks ago by Mark Comments

3 Words For Paris is an interactive video experiment. Create your own unique movie through the generator plugged into a database of thousands of sequences referenced by single words. Read more…

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Do it for Denmark – Do it for Mom

on September 30, 2015 by Nikolaj Comments

Danish travel agency Spies is back with another genuinely original and fun take on how to sell more travels: “We’re joining forces with wannabe grandmas in the fight against Denmark’s low birth rate. Introducing Spies Parent Purchase™: Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild.” The execution and timing of the film piece is also exceptional. This is one of the project that I would have loved to be a part of.

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A billboard that checks your emotions

on August 10, 2015 by Mark Comments

M&C Saatchi in the UK are currently testing billboards which read viewer’s emotions and react to their facial expressions. Bit creepy!! The billboards, which have already been displayed in London, have a hidden Microsoft Kinect camera which photographs passerby’s reactions and display different images, designs, fonts and colours depending on their mood. Read more…

Ever wondered how your selfie would look in thread? This machine is the answer

on July 23, 2015 by Ana Comments

The amazingly talented guys from Breakfast NY are very hot right now. Every major advertising & technology publication (see write-ups here, herehere and here) and then some reported on the much anticipated unveil of their massive thread machine they developed for Forever 21.

Breakfast is known for thinking differently. It is also known for coming up with ideas that connect hardware and software like no one else. This latest venture works like this: if you happen to be a fan of Forever21 (and if so, you would find yourself in the company of its 7m and counting Instagram followers) or even if you are just into seeing your selfie turned into a massive thread mosaic, you can just tag your photo #Forever21ThreadScreen and the machine will automatically pick it up. It will then turn it into a colorful tapestry.

You can see how it works in real time here, and hear Andrew Zolty, Breakfast’s co-founder and chief creative officer AND the sweetest and smartest guy around, speak about the project.

This fills my coolness quota for a month. At least.

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Cannes Cyber Lions Winners

on June 25, 2015 by Mark Comments

Was great to see the winners from the Cannes Cyber Lions today. Following a definite trend this year the Grand Prix had a female empowerment theme which is great to see. 5 other Grand Prix had a similar theme. See below for the case study vids of two of the best in Cyber What was your favourite? Read more…

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The tools from Hyper Island

on June 8, 2015 by Nikolaj Comments

While Adverblog posts are usually about the best digital advertising, this is a post on some of the tools – actually a lot of them – that you might use in your process to create great work. Read more…

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