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The future of in-flight entertainment is bleak without SkyMall

1 day ago by Ana Comments

The best imaginable in-flight entertainment is no more. SkyMall, our ubiquitous travel companion for many years, is closing its doors for business. The company who owns it, Xhibit Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection, which is incredibly weird because, who wouldn’t want that SkyRest Travel Pillow?

Adweek was nice enough to collect the all-time most beloved items that we coveted as SkyMall, but if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, you can always go straight to the SkyMall website and overindulge there.

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The two coolest dads in America star in Nikon’s new ad

4 days ago by Ana Comments

If you haven’t heard of Kordale and Kaleb Lewis, you will soon. The adorable two dads and their three kids are the ongoing Instagram obsession. K and K’s rep is that they are really good at braiding their daughter’s hair, which is not only incredibly cute but also a totally awesome activity for dads. A photo of them doing it at 6am before school went viral last year, with 25,000 likes on Instagram within a week of posting. Kordale and Kaleb also say things like “Being fathers is getting our daughters up at 5:30 am making breakfast getting them dressed for school and putting them on the bus by 6:30 .This is a typical day in our household . It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and eveny minute of #fatherhood . #proudfathers #blackfathers #prouddads #gaydads.” Awww.

Showing that it’s plugged-in, Nikon tapped into this dynamic duo to create ads for the company as part of the Nikon Generation campaign. By McCann New York.

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This ad is a spoof that is actually an ad for the Berlin Fashion Week

6 days ago by Ana Comments

Despite the complicated sounding meta execution here (is it a spoof? is it an ad?), I really like this spot. Germans have become incredibly good at poking fun at themselves, and this self-depreciating cultural tendency goes all the way to advertising. The ad (it is actually, an ad) is for the currently ongoing Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week and the handsome gentlemen starring in it is Justin O’Shea, buying director of My Theresa, a fashion retail site which, if you don’t know of, you gotta check out asap. Also making a cameo: Chipperfield brothers and fashion editors Veronika Heilbrunner and Julia Knolle. Enjoy.

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Tiffany rises to the occasion

6 days ago by Ana Comments

Tiffany launched its first-ever same-sex marriage ads, featuring real-life couples. It shouldn’t surprise us that one of the most famous engagement & wedding ring brands started targeting the same-sex market, but for whatever reason, it feels incredibly new. A simple Google search reveals more than 12 million results in just a week since the ad was announced, with a ton of press interest. Some call it revolutionary; others protest that it was high time for a jeweler to recognize this incredibly large and lucrative market. On the latter point, regardless of the cultural influence of its latest campaign, Tiffany displayed some serious business savvy. Why limit yourself just on one part of the increasingly exuberant nuptials market when you can have it all? I expect other jewelery brands soon to follow, which of course can only be a good thing.

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Is the game swayed by where the team stays?

on July 6, 2014 by Ana Comments

TripAdvisor thinks so. In a bit of genius marketing, TripAdvisor tapped into its own powerful community to predict who’s going to win the World Cup. By analyzing reviews of the accommodations for each team, Trip advisor assesses how ready & rested the players will be for their big games. Called the Hotel Cup, it’s a super-fun spin on the wisdom of the crowds. And who knows, maybe there’s something in it. Sports gamblers, take note.

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Strategy Deck of Cards: Pick Yours

on July 6, 2014 by Ana Comments

Moscow-based comms strategist Ilya Petrov created a deck of cards. Besides being entirely digital, this deck of cards won’t be good for poker. But it is good for strategists everywhere: Ilya collected the strategic wisdom of his generation and packaged it into a neatly organized, compact information. You need it, trust me.

Download the deck here & see more about the project here.

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Taxi Drama

on July 2, 2014 by Ana Comments

If you live in NYC, you get plenty of cab drama on a daily basis. But if you are from Belgrade, Serbia, this is probably the last place to look for any sort of drama. That is, unless you are into Shakespeare. McCann Belgrade created a series of 3 short videos featuring unsuspecting passengers being exposed to monologues from Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky by their cab driver. Read more…

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Let’s talk a bit about brand strategy

on April 20, 2014 by Ana Comments

Topics include experience design, utility, customer-centric point of view and how brands are and can be using collaborative economy. Enjoy.

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iPhone 5 + Tumblr = new Apple campaign

on April 20, 2014 by Ana Comments

Apple notoriously doesn’t do social media. So imagine my shock when I saw this. Apple choose nothing less than Tumblr to launch a campaign for its iPhone 5C. The campaign sports the “Every color has a story” (aww) headline and features 15-second video ads.

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Have you seen the poaching phone?

on April 20, 2014 by Ana Comments

If not, this means that you are quite happy with what you do.

Because, if you weren’t, apparently, you’d be browsing the career advice ad industry section in a bookstore and you may have found a phone inside one of the books. The phone would have had only one number in it. That would be the number that would have led you to your next adventure.

In an incredibly proactive move, Dubai ad agency FP7 has done exactly that: it sent the books with the phone in them to ad creatives they wanted to attract and it placed them into bookstores with titles appealing to the talent the agency wanted to attract.

The word is that the campaign was quite successful and that it resulted in amazing new employees, saving the agency about $80K in recruiter fees. Or you can just post an ad on Digiday Jobs.

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