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September 18, 2008
The 501 is back

The iconic Levi's 501 denim is back with a global communication campaign dubbed "Unbuttoned" that on the Web takes two shapes: one for the US and one for Europe.


In North America the site launched already a few weeks ago and it features a series of celebrities "unbuttoning" themselves in front of the camera by telling something about their lives or simply acting spontaneously (or silly, if you want).


In Europe the campaign of course explores the same concept but it involves locally relevant people taken from several different countries. Once again I have a strong feeling of dejavu when I see artists, musicians or celebrities in general confessing themselves or simply telling a story in front of a camera. The concept of "unbuttoned" could offers to many entry points, I feel that, at least for now, they've chosen just the safest way.

What I think is more interesting (but again not that original) is the fact that Levi's decided to premiere its upcoming TV campaign on the Web.

The spots, directed by Fredrik Bond (the agency, as usual, is Bartle Bogle Hegarty), will launch over the next few weeks (at least in Europe, I think it the US they have been already broadcasted) but they can be already watched in HD quality on the dedicated 501 website.

Comments on this entry

I've been trying to buy a pair of original shrink to fit 501s for ages. The thing is, they don't make them anymore. The US plant has shut down. The red selvage is missing. The back patch and rivets are flimsy. The original patch wording has changed. The heritage is destroyed. The brand is watered down but the price is still $70+.
How I love my Howies.

Posted by: Dave Winters at September 19, 2008 03:25 PM


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