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May 12, 2009
Terminator Salvation plays "with" Twitter

Here's another great example of online marketing in the entertainment sector - the twitter based Resistance2018 game. The premise is convoluted but it would seem that the "Resistance" is using Twitter to communicate, you can join the resistance and help by decrypting message which have been intercepted from Skynet.


The game instructions and all the assets surrounding the Twitter game are housed on a blog which feels very of the moment - everything is easily embeddable, shareable and searchable.

Some of the most interesting recent examples of digital marketing have come from the world of Game and Film publishing. The The Dark Knight work set a new standard for attention to detail and the recent Killzone 2 work which unleashed zombies across the web. The latest addition to this illustrious lineage is this Twitter based game promoting the launch of Terminator salvation. I've always been dubious about ARG's and the numbers signed up so far for this aren't exactly earth-shattering but those that are involved seem totally engaged and will act as unpaid ambassadors across Twitter and their wider social circle. So as a very low cost addition to a wider campaign it seems to make sense.

Thanks Geoff for sending this post through!

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The fictional company - SkyNet Research - that manufactures the robots in the Terminator series has been posting on Twitter for the last few months. They've also developed a brilliant, very real website ( to tout the features & benefits of their robots. My company produces robotics for the manufacturing industry, and we've been having some great fun "supporting" Skynet. We've been retweeting Skynet's messages and spreading the word about their products. The only major negative result is that a few of our customers think it's all real, and we've been getting some calls & emails asking if we're about to become part of Skynet Research.

Posted by: Dave Minella at May 13, 2009 03:45 PM


I think that number right now are not a big problem. Even if the players are just a few thousands, a lot more heard about the project, and some of them will write an article on a blog, talk to a friend about it. Buzz, what else?

The way they created a whole web-based "world" around the project reminds me of JJ Abrahams projects like Cloverfield, with the fictional japanese company Tagruato, and Lost.

Good job, hope to see more and more of those campaigns


Posted by: AdSimple at May 14, 2009 02:59 PM


any idea which agency did this? superb stuff , low cost and highly effective

Posted by: meg at May 19, 2009 11:52 AM


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