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November 30, 2010
NIKE iDLike, share what you like and a bit more...

I'm happy to share with you my latest project with NIKEiD on Facebook. I'm sure that every year we all face the same problem with some of the presents we receive from our friends: they suck. Either you don't like them at all, or simply they are the number 99 pair of gloves you receive, the bath salts you won't use because you only own a shower, or the same red panties you received last year...


NIKE iDLIKE gives you the opportunity to share with your friends the ideal gift you'd like to receive for Christmas, the gift that fits your style or your performance needs. But NIKE iDLIKE also allows you to let your friends know with wit and irony your thoughts about the cheesy, useless or impersonal gifts they have give you in the past.

Unfortunately the Facebook App is only in Italian, so most of you won't be able to experience it at full. Anyway, if you check it out, I will be grateful if you could share your feedback on it.

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sounds pretty interesting and tongue in cheek. perfect for nike.

Posted by: Tim at December 2, 2010 12:05 PM


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