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October 19, 2007
Warm up the house

From Sweden, a nice interactive experience. Actually I didn't understand a word since it's all in Swedish, but being a curious clicker I managed to find a way through the site and realize how it works... But let's proceed step by step... The site is for Ahlens, one of the most well known brands in Sweden and the leading retailer in homeware (I guess it's an Ikea's competitor).

Click on "Till mysutmaningen" to begin.

Your challenge is to warm-up the room in which a man and a woman are sleepy (or maybe "frozen" ;-) on the sofa. By clicking on the words on the top of the screen you will discover a series of decorative items you can drag and drop around the room. Once you start placing the decorations around, you'll see the couple "waking-up", unlocking an online competition to win vouchers to shop at Ahlens (I suppose).

I like the idea of giving freedom to the visitor creativity and at the same time to "expose" him/her to the products, it's a smart way to show without pushing. It's a great way to present a product catalogue without making it too obvious for the user he's going through a catalogue. An this is what interactive marketing it's here for, right?

The agency is Fromstockholmwithlove.

via Reklamfeber.

Comments on this entry

I think this is a great idea to make curious people act with the company's products!

Posted by: Xenia Alonso at October 31, 2007 12:15 PM


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