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September 02, 2008
HBO Voyeur 2.0

At first sight it looks exactly like HBO Voyeur (which is not a good thing), but if you have a better look you realize it's an enhanced version of the award winning Big Spaceship project.


This website, launched in Sweden by Starring for Atava, an insurance company, actually brings you live action broadcasted directly from the webcams of the users who want to be part of it.

In the virtual house every window corresponds to a user. You can watch him (or her or them) live, you can have a look at his videos and you can even chat with him but, most importantly, you can also vote for him. As Frederik, the creative director behind the project, explained me, every day one person is evicted and a new one moves in. All decided by the visitors. The new tenant is taken from the housing queue and the game starts over. More or less like in the Big Brother on TV.

Despite the sense of dejavu, I'm impressed by the number of people who are visiting and interacting with the site. And this is a great result for an insurance company trying to promote a new home insurance package. A boring product brought to life with a touch of creativity and a 2.0 spirit, exactly what you need to result appealing to the younger audiences.

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