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November 25, 2008
Hologram of French goalkeeper by Adidas

As you might be aware of, Princess Leia is no longer the only one to use holographic projection.
Brands and media have been using this technology for some years now.

The last one is Adidas. The brand put an hologram of Steve Mandanda (Olympique de Marseille and France goalkeeper) in a window of its Marseille store.

L'hologramme de Mandanda chez Adidas
par football-adidas

It kind of reminds me of a mix of the Nike Ribery live window in Munich and -in a different style ...- the C&A; hologram window.

The Adidas stunt is nice but, from my point of view, not interactive enough.
What is interesting though, is the way Adidas shot and edit a video exclusively designed for the web video plateforms to recount this event. That gives the opportunity to the brand to spread it and maximize its exposure. A lot of blogs are mentionning the information right now and are showing this video.

As former marketing use of holograms, we could mention Lexus in NYC in 2005,
or Gorillaz, the same year for the 'world's first 3D hologram performance' at the MTV Awards,
but also fashion designers, like Alexander McQueen and his holographic Kate Moss in 2006 (well actually, technically speaking it was a Pepper's Ghost) , or Diesel in 2007.

You also had ubiquity experiences, with people "beamed" live to an other place for a speech : Branson for his Virgin Digital launch, or more recently CNN's Jessica Yellin during the American election.
In this case I am still wondering if it was not an augmented reality technology instead ...

Still, one can't say it has already become a common and everyday use. One of the most amazing and relevant stunt was for the launch of the movie "Water Horse" in Japan. Sony used a water projection technique to create this "water hologram" effect (Jan. 08 ).

There are still a lot of other illustrations of holographic technology :
Another Nike hologram application in retail here.
Another korean example here, in a phone shop.
A Nike Women outdoor/event.

I mentionned Princess Leia, I had to finish with this one ...

(3D hologram advertisement from Back to the Future)

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