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February 01, 2009
Closed Jeans is open to celebrities

Let's stay in Germany to have a look at, another fashion/denim website that has some interesting aspects to highlight. First of all, if we start from the "collection" side... I like the fact that the experience of discovering the new products begins automatically. The site loads fast, and in a few seconds you find yourself looking at the new models displayed in full screen, high quality images.


But the best part arrives when you go to the ecommerce section. Just to clear any doubt about how trendy Closed jeans are, what you immediately get is the press coverage of three celebrities (Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes and Sylvie Van Der Vaart). You see the three women on the cover of some gossip magazines hanging around in Closed denim.

Being so didascalic in showing the trendiness of a product might result a bit cheap, but this definitely depends on how you position your brand.

Actually such an approach leaves a door open to a very 2.0/UCG ecommerce website. Would be great to see the cool girl next door featured on the site together with the celebrities endorsing the product. Especially in the fashion online world where websites like The Sartorialist prove so successful, I believe visual evidences featuring stilish (but not famous) people might result very useful in endorsing a brand with a genuine/spontaneous approach.

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