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November 30, 2010
Slow down iPhone app

From Belgium, a great idea that will probably just remain a brilliant advertising idea. Young people tend to drive fast when they listen to music. So the Belgian road safety organization Parents of Child Road Victims has created an iPhone application that plays music and adapts the pace the song to the driver's speed.

When the driver drives too fast the music slows down or even stops if the speed is over 10 km/h than the speed limit. Great, fantastic idea. But why should I use an application to play music in my car that gets annoying when I'm driving too fast? Looks to be this is a good example of a useless brillant idea. Or maybe rather than an iPhone app you will uninstall after 10 minutes, this should become a mandatory feature for music players installed on cars (regardless of the drivers' age). What do you think?

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Yes, there's not a real reason why, thus it fails to create a NEED. Despite that, I love the thinking behind this and Crosstown Traffic is just the right song for this ;p

Posted by: Jaap Grolleman at November 30, 2010 10:18 PM


Should be built into the car and deliver an electric shock

Posted by: Joe at December 2, 2010 10:29 AM


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