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January 04, 2011
Nike Women Training Club


NikeWomen Training Club is an updated version of Nike Women iPhone training app, that gives users their own personal trainer with over 60 custom-built workouts featuring audio guidance and on-demand instruction. What i love the most is the scalable factor of it and how it connects users with the Nike experience.

(via Pit)

December 20, 2010
Have a Camper Day


A different (available) shoe everyday, no matter what the weather is, is the concept for this lovely iPad weather application done by HerraizSoto&Co; for Camper, called "Have a Camper Day", where meteorological elements have been made from pret-a-porter materials, and then turnedinto musical instruments that react to touch.

December 09, 2010
Oliver Jeffers 'Heart and the Bottle'

When it comes to book for children, this is jaw-dropping:

(thx Pit!)

November 30, 2010
Slow down iPhone app

From Belgium, a great idea that will probably just remain a brilliant advertising idea. Young people tend to drive fast when they listen to music. So the Belgian road safety organization Parents of Child Road Victims has created an iPhone application that plays music and adapts the pace the song to the driver's speed.

When the driver drives too fast the music slows down or even stops if the speed is over 10 km/h than the speed limit. Great, fantastic idea. But why should I use an application to play music in my car that gets annoying when I'm driving too fast? Looks to be this is a good example of a useless brillant idea. Or maybe rather than an iPhone app you will uninstall after 10 minutes, this should become a mandatory feature for music players installed on cars (regardless of the drivers' age). What do you think?

July 22, 2010
Introducing the iOscars


Not so long ago, it was so complicated to get a short film done. Not anymore with tools such as the iPhone4, so if you have one and while you get your antenna fixed, why not giving it a try at creating something that could be awarded at the iOscars?

(via BBH Labs and Freedom and Partners)

January 14, 2010
Nike True City


Nike True City is a really cool iPhone app where you can find some info about different european cities, provided by some "Nike experts", but leaving it open for you to update the content with your own suggestions of what a "true city" should be.

Aditionally the app reveals where new Nike events are taking place, where there are secret QR-codes in each city (i love they include even a QR-Code reader inside the application) or even new Nike products to be launched, creating a really interesting community where you can be rewarded on your own or by sharing to the rest of users. Here's a little trailer to the app:

September 23, 2009


Love sushi? then check this iPhone app called Sushipedia, developed by Tokiolabs, the pixel version of every roll i've ever eaten is fantastic :)

(via Tony Novak)

September 15, 2009
The Index - Puma

Maybe you remember a site called "Sexy politics", a series of quizzes where earning points served for a stripper to do her virtual dance, and this project from Puma reminded me of that, but with an interesting twist, cheering people up in these times of global recession and using that to show a clothing catalog for next fall.


So, being available online or as an iPhone app, this thing called "The Index" works as follows: the worst the economic indexes are going, the less clothes the models will wear. And the opposite.

Continue reading... "The Index - Puma"

MINI USA iPhone App

Pretty useful, just in case you're stuck in the road with your Mini car, great added value to the user experience:

July 20, 2009
Pizza Hut iPhone App

It really took so long having an app to configure and order your pizza from a mobile phone, which is kind of weird because in the US you even can order a pizza from TiVo. But last week, Pizza Hut launched this fantastic app developed by IMC2 in which you can also play games while you wait for the pizza to arrive:

As a suggestion, wouldn't be funny (and useful) that we could track where the pizza is through one of these maps applications too?

(thx Heber!)

January 15, 2009
Mobile soap opera to teach safe sex

In the UK the COI and Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) have just launched a mobile drama series to teach teenagers the importance of using condoms. After signing up on Thmbnls' website users will start following the 22 weeks long series. Every Friday they will receive an sms to download and watch the latest 60" episode.


Thmbnls talks about the lives of 6 teenagers touching issues such as sex, unwanted pregnancy and sexually and transmitted infections.

Continue reading... "Mobile soap opera to teach safe sex"

December 18, 2008
Introducing... Nike Goal for the iPhone

I apologise, but I need again some space for self promotion...
I'm very proud to share with you Nike Goal, an application for the iPhone that we at Nike Italy developed together with the Italian agency H-Art. Nike Goal has launched only seven days ago, with no press release, no promotion at all, but it's already one of the most downloaded free applications on iTunes Apps Store Italia.


Nike Goal is an application that brings the world of live on your iPhone. It features live scores from the Serie A matches, highlighting the goals by Nike players and showing the boot they are wearing. On top of this, Nike Goal features also all the latest news about Nike products, players and stories. And this is just the beginning, we have a lot of ideas to make it richer, more interactive and fun to use!

Continue reading... "Introducing... Nike Goal for the iPhone"

February 03, 2006
Should all brands go mobile?

CNET has an interesting article on big consumer brands gradually moving their attention to mobile phones. Cell phones offer the possibility of establishing a direct relationship with customers, and brands obviously hope to take advantage of such opportunity. However, jumping on the mobile bandwagon is not for everyone. As some expert point out, branded content needs to be relevant and high-quality in order to succeed. As you know, content is expensive to produce and, when it comes to mobile phones, it also gets expensive to deliver. This means brands really need to understand whether such investment is worth or not, in terms of ROI but also of brand strenght over time.

December 07, 2005

What women want (from mobile)

November 03, 2005

MTV Europe Music Awards 2005 on mobile phones

November 01, 2005

Money in your pockets

October 28, 2005

User generated content and 3G phones

October 25, 2005

Disney to deliver video content to iPods

September 28, 2005

CSI on your mobile (maybe)

September 22, 2005

Book samples to your mobile phone

September 15, 2005

Text and recycle in London

August 25, 2005

Germany 2006: a mobile marketing opportunity

August 19, 2005

Backstreet Boys connect with fans via SMS

August 12, 2005

Television shows on mobile phones

August 05, 2005

Batman Begins on WAP site

August 04, 2005

3G, music and money

August 03, 2005

US users disappointed by mobile data services

August 02, 2005

Celebrity magazine launches WAP portal

July 25, 2005

Hello Moto, Hello Mtv

Porn stars offers mobile advices

February 02, 2005

MMS pictures will become stamps in Switzerland

December 15, 2004

An iMode guide to the museum

Money rings in The Netherlands

December 13, 2004

Marvel Universe goes wireless

December 10, 2004

Disney Mobile lands in Spain

December 08, 2004

It's ringtones mania (for now)

December 07, 2004

Mobile soap opera arriving to Australia

Mobile greeting cards

December 06, 2004

Star Wars goes wireless

December 05, 2004

Sexy content for US mobiles

December 01, 2004

Mobile Advent calendar

November 30, 2004

Emerging market for mobile graphical content

October 05, 2004

Mobile content boom

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