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December 14, 2010
Tweets of snow


Looks like this the day of reporting W+K offices Christmas things. After Amsterdam, now it's London turn with their Tweets of Snow. Tweet something with the word "snow" in it and your message will be transformed into a snowflake for the model of the street where the agency is located.

(via Javier Malagon)

Virtual Holiday Dinner

Hurry up and book your table now at Virtual Holiday Dinner, a lovely Christmas gift from W+K Amsterdam:

(via Joakim Borgstrom)

October 26, 2010
Do it yourself doodler

DIY Doodler, beau drawings started w a simple base.

Picture 2.png

July 28, 2010
Bacardi "True originals"

A misterious character is looking for the world's best bartender in this series of beautiful short-films from Bacardi, True Originals. Here is the second one, "The Hummingbird", check the previous link to see updates and more content.

(via LatinSpots)

July 22, 2010
Introducing the iOscars


Not so long ago, it was so complicated to get a short film done. Not anymore with tools such as the iPhone4, so if you have one and while you get your antenna fixed, why not giving it a try at creating something that could be awarded at the iOscars?

(via BBH Labs and Freedom and Partners)

June 08, 2010
Marca WC interactive calendar provides an original interactive calendar for the World Cup.
It's nice, dynamic and ergonomic. It remains intuitive, you get access to all the information in one screen. This wheel is a good work of infographics.


May 25, 2010
Go Beyond Borders Project - The fall of the Berlin Wall

Using digital media is a good way of reliving historic events from the past. Last year it was all about the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing, with outstanding projects such as We chose the moon.

But last year it was also the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and that is how it was created the Go Beyond Borders Project, an initiative of Heimat Berlin and CNN International in conjunction with Berlin Tape Artist El Bocho.

March 11, 2010
The Apple Boy is looking for a job


Tito is The Apple Boy, a 22 years old argentinean looking for a job in New Zealand through his original and interesting view on apples:

(via Fer Barbella)

March 03, 2010
13th street's Last Call

This action done by Jung von Matt Berlin is simply wonderful, involving a film audience inside the film through a cell phone, so brilliant and engaging:

March 02, 2010
Bank run, an interactive movie


I had mixed feelings when i finished my visit to this site this morning, because in the end i was asked to pay USD 2$ (i was willing to) to continue the story but i couldn't because i don't have an american iTunes Store account (mine is from Spain), so i felt really frustrated.

On the other side, i thought about the fact that i had happily spent the previous 15 minutes browsing this violent yet funny interactive movie called Bank Run that tells the story of Evan, a financial analyst that gets involved in a scam organized by the company he works for, his girlfriend kidnapped and, in general, all the film cliches from movies where the main character has to escape from something and not knowing why.


Really well done and with little interactions that breaks the linearity of the story without becoming a "game" itself, this project from Silk Tricky is definitely worth the 15 minutes i spent being there. Go take a look, and the story continues on iPhone, hope you let me know how it ends! :)

November 23, 2009
Herraiz Soto and Ommwriter, the text editor

I love the way Herraiz Soto & Co transforms every work into a dreamy and enjoyable experience, as they did, for instance, for Labuat or Camper earlier this year. Being copywriting one of their strongest virtues, now they're coming up with a sweet tool developed to reinvindicate the joy of writing, a sweet text editor called Ommwriter, go check it out and play with it for a while (sadly, only for Mac 'til this moment)

A little video explaining how it works:

September 26, 2009
Matt Damon freaks out at Adrian Grenier

It's just funny!!

September 24, 2009
87 cool things (by Google)


Insanely insightful. This presentation from Google, describing several cases of succesful and creatives uses of their platform is awesome. A must for everybody with a bit of a techie, creative, planner or whatever. And I miss some uses that Iain once suggested...

September 22, 2009

NYC's Menu Labeling Law

September 17, 2009

Did you know 4.0

September 10, 2009

A brief letter: happiness is just one smile away

August 31, 2009

Placebo and the music videos industry

August 11, 2009

User generated content that reaches people

July 10, 2009

Big ideas anymore?

July 09, 2009

Tour de France and social media, tres bien

July 07, 2009

Tributes to Michael Jackson

April 19, 2009

Mythbusters and viral surfers

April 14, 2009

While at the cinema...

April 07, 2009

Baker Tweet

February 17, 2009

Registering and the user experience...

February 14, 2009

The Ultimate Joker

January 21, 2009

Dear Mr. President

January 20, 2009

Inauguration of Barack Obama

January 13, 2009

A short history of marketing

December 30, 2008

YouTube Doubler

December 29, 2008

A nice Christmas card

Party time

December 11, 2008

Buzz of the Week : French Mario Kart

December 09, 2008

NYTimes Conversations

November 14, 2008

Who let the dogs out?

November 07, 2008

No Hunger

October 31, 2008

AC/DC rocks!

February 25, 2008

Inside North Kingdom

October 10, 2007

Sony Bravia: Pyramid

June 29, 2007

Nintendo Sex Education

September 08, 2006


July 22, 2003

Everything you need to know about Webcasting...

July 21, 2003

The usability of PDF

July 17, 2003

Buongiorno merges with Vitaminic

The movies and the Internet

July 15, 2003

WSJ: don't take things too seriously, please!

July 13, 2003

AdSense vs Martina (Act 2)

July 01, 2003

Diversify the revenue model

June 30, 2003

Online dating, what a business!

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