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BBC Radio wants listeners to interact online

July 25, 2003 at 10:22 by Martina Comments

BBC Radio Five Live has just relaunched its Web site to target new listeners and increase brand loyalty. The news is reported by Revolution Magazine which says that the new Web site should be easier to navigate and stimulate a greater interactive participation from listeners. To see how it looks like, here is the URL:

One Response to BBC Radio wants listeners to interact online

  1. Mathwin says:

    Immigration - shd thr be an upper limit?
    I’ve listened to the arguments this morning, and find the case for unlimited immigration poorly supported.
    The essential fact is that we are in an upward spiral: we need more immigrants to service an increasing population.
    Indiginous populations (the English) seem disinclined to take low pay jobs. Why not increase the minimum wage? I’d sweep the roads for

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