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Facebook: think communication, not advertising

on October 15, 2007 by Martina Comments

I enjoy Facebook and I love Slideshare. Enjoy a couple of presentations to understand Facebooks’ marketing potentials.

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Light graffiti artists

on August 14, 2007 by Martina Comments

These days there is quite some buzz around the LichtFaktor crew, a group of German light graffiti artists, whose work is rather impressive. Color + Design blog has an interview with them, where they share some insights about their technique. Below you can watch a video called Star Wars vs Star Trek they have been recently doing in the UK for Sky Movies. And if you’re interested in the commercial side of light graffiti, have a look also at Vincent’s blog, where he talks about a recent Sprint campaign in the US.

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Rembrandt is late: art meets online marketing

on July 6, 2006 by Martina Comments

I will avoid saying (as I always do) that I love the way Dutch people approach communication. Ops… I just did it again… in any case, I’d like to share with you a new project they have launched to promote a new exhibition dedicated to Rembrandt. For the first time ever all Rembrandt’s paintings can be seen together in the Beurs van Berlage. There is a website ( and there is also a promotional video which animates Rembrandt’s paintings to represent a sort of TV show full of jokes and guests. My Dutch is not good enough to tell you if the site is funny enough… In any case I suggest visiting the websites to see an alternative approach to art & marketing. via Marketingfacts

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Podcasting is not a flash in the pan

on March 16, 2006 by Martina Comments

A new study from market research agency BMRB suggests that over 10% of the adult population have already downloaded a podcast in the last six months and figures will continue to grow. Digital Bulletin reports that in the UK over 7.9m adults could be downloading podcasts over the next six month, representing a unique opportunity for brands to advertise on already successful podcasts or create new (high quality) branded audio content. BMW docet?

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The past of podcasting

on November 15, 2005 by Martina Comments

If you know the past you can predict the future. This isn’t always true, but this post by Doc Searls really helps understanding how the podcasting business model can evolve. If you’re interested in the topic there is also a (very long) post on Ratcliff blog which, on the contrary, considers the “future” of podcasting. Be aware you need some time to read the discussion, and you will also have to skip some flames. But it’s worth reading to get a better idea of where the podcasting business can or cannot head.

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Blogs and the micromedia model

on October 21, 2005 by Martina Comments

A good article on Business Week investigating the micromedia model introduced by blogs. It explains why blogs produce value to advertisers, in two words: they serve niche audiences and they boost word-of-mouth. But if you’re a blogger, don’t automatically make the assumption this means you can make easy money.

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Marketers need to listen to blogs

on October 19, 2005 by Martina Comments

In the age of consumer generated media, corporations can no longer hope to control 100% their brand message. Rather, they need to learn to listen. >Mediapost reports on the BlogOn conference quoting experts like Jeff Jarvis who said:

The days of centralized ‘We own the community, we own the brand,’ are over. People do it however they want, wherever they want.”

Brands can no longer control the conversation, but can get high value from what they listen. Actually marketers should have always listened to consumers, blogging simply makes this action easier. I used to think the power of blogs was slightly overestimated, but I’m not sure the situation is still like this. I agree with Jarvis, when it comes to blogging, listening is priority number one. Of course brands can also start their own blog but it’s not easy to stay simple, direct and sincere when you run a corporate blog.

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What Australian women really want

on September 26, 2005 by Martina Comments

My friend Mike sent me an excellent article published on Bandt which unfortunately I cannot link because it requires a subscription. It’s about what (Australian) women really want, and it’s written by Catherine Heath, strategic planner at Young & Rubicam. Among the other things, Catherine writes:

“The new woman is a complex combination of smart, focused and radical, traditional, committed and feminine. She is rewriting the rulebook on how brands can to talk to her. (…) Women want the same things as men, last year in Australia, women bought 60% of iPods sold. (…) Women’s need to share is fundamental and applies equally to consumer behavior as to life. (…) A woman won’t complain about a bad experience—she’ll simply leave. Ninety-six per cent of women will discard a product or service without complaining.”

If you’re really interested in the topic, last March Fairfax Digital published a similar article which just requires a free registration to be accessed.

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Hollywood marketing through Churches

on September 25, 2005 by Martina Comments

This is really weird: Hollywood has started advertising at churches. For example, The Walt Disney Co. is currently marketing “The Greatest Game Ever Played” to faith-based groups, saying the film is about values (family, courage, dreams) which reflect secular virtues, potentially Christian virtues… ABCnews points out the approach reflects the next step in Hollywood’s attempt to capitalize on the business lessons of “The Passion of the Christ,” a surprising blockbuster last year thanks to unprecedented marketing and mobilization in churches. Anyway the whole thing is more complex than you might think because, for their part, churches recognize that just denouncing violent or sexually explicit films doesn’t influence their content so their members are using buying power to support films that reflect their values. Personally, I find it inappropriate, but I live in Italy, not in the US, and the approach to church and religion in the two countries is very different.

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A business model for podcasting

on September 19, 2005 by Martina Comments

Forbes explores the podcasting world, questioning if and how it is possible to make money out of podcasts. Stan Sorensenm, senior director of product management and marketing of Melodeo, suggests there a few possible ways to monetize podcasting: embedding advertising and creating premium channels. Ad-supported model for podcasting (replicating the radio model) is probably the easiest and (at the moment) best solution. However finding the right ad-format still requires some testing. The “traditional” 30 seconds radio spot is way too long, with the fast-forward button just one touch away. Ads need to be short enough where it does not make sense to skip them.

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