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Podcasting is not a flash in the pan

March 16, 2006 at 9:20 by Martina Comments

A new study from market research agency BMRB suggests that over 10% of the adult population have already downloaded a podcast in the last six months and figures will continue to grow. Digital Bulletin reports that in the UK over 7.9m adults could be downloading podcasts over the next six month, representing a unique opportunity for brands to advertise on already successful podcasts or create new (high quality) branded audio content. BMW docet?

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3 Responses to Podcasting is not a flash in the pan

  1. Paul Herring says:

    The key to it’s sustainability, however, is being able to monetize, or support sponsorships. It’s easy enough to repurpose existing content but for it to continue to offer the quantity and quality of content, there needs to be better measurement. Not just who subscribes but how many people listen to it and how many people listen and act on the advertising.

  2. Todd says:

    I would add that if podcasting is going to survive, the original content podcasts that are out there need to become more entertaining and/or informative. In most categories there are a couple of podcasts that are pretty okay and a whole bunch that spend 30 minutes basically talking about the fact that they are podcasting. More American Copywriter, less Suicide Girls. More juice. Less pulp.

  3. Luiz Maia says:

    No doubts about Pod or Vod(casting); this is definitely a new way to communicate and content will improve by the minute capable to get people’s attention.

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