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Catroulette for cats adoption

on September 6, 2012 by Martina Comments

Simple. Cute. Possibly very effective. Catroulette is a website that offers the opportunity to adopt homeless cats. Freely inspired to the chat roulette concept, the website showcases random short videos of cats available for adoption in Belgium. Read more…

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The impossible texting & driving test

on May 8, 2012 by Martina Comments

Every month there is a new campaign coming out to teach people how dangerous it is to text and drive. Despite the number of efforts around the world, unfortunately the topic is always hot. Let’s see if this approach made in Belgium can start making the difference. Students taking the exam to get their driving license have been challenged to text and drive in order to pass the test. A candid camera shows us the results of the challenge. Read more…

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The TwitterScrabble advergame

on March 6, 2012 by Martina Comments

Genius idea by Duval Guillaume Modem to promote Scrabble Trickster, a new game obviously inspired by the original Scrabble. For a new game based on playing with words, what better than the idea to launch a Twitter based Scrabble challenge to the social media community in Belgium? Write the highest scoring Scrabbletweet with a set of one hundred random characters. Every day the highest scoring tweet wins the board game.

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Foursquare & the agencies’ mayors war

on August 8, 2011 by Martina Comments

In Belgium Euro RSCG Brussels wants to hire the best talents in digital communication. So they came up with the idea of checking-in at the top Belgian agencies everyday in order to become the Foursquare Mayor of such agencies and get the message out about the Euro RSCG recruitment campaign.

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Coke website takes summer off

on July 12, 2009 by Martina Comments

In Belgium, Coca-Cola has launched an unusual initiative: it closed its website for summer vacation. If you visit the site you will just see a cheesy animation of the website itself leaving for the sea.

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Wake up, Humans!

on June 4, 2009 by Martina Comments

I recently received the link to the video recap of an integrated campaign run a few months ago in Belgium by Amnesty International. 60 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed, human rights are still flouted. And Amnesty International has decided to take a very interactive approach to raise awareness among Belgians.

The agency is Air Brussels-Paris.

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Sometimes it’s better to wear contact lenses

on May 4, 2009 by Martina Comments

From Belgium, an amusing website to promote Pearle contact lenses.

The message is simple and pretty straightforward: sometimes it is better to wear contact lenses rather than glasses! Choose the character you prefer (I recommend going for the opposite sex), and enjoy an amusing experience that will make you understand the meaning of the campaign message.

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It’s better to travel in groups

on February 22, 2009 by Martina Comments

From Belgium, an amusing Tv spot created by Duval Guillaume Brussels for De Lijn, the Flemish public transport company.

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ING and the (a)live website

on January 21, 2009 by Martina Comments

After the successful “I need to go” online campaign launched by ING Direct about one year ago, the bank is back with a new project characterized by sense of humour and a smart use of the digital media..

The amusing idea Emakina came up with consists of a website that becomes “alive” thanks to the performance of a bunch of actors. I doesn’t make much sense for me to explain it, you should just have a look and see yourself

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The Clinique Scheelboute dilemma

on September 15, 2008 by Martina Comments

Now, this is extremely weird. I can’t find any other adjective to describe it if I want to keep an objective point of view at least in the introductory part of the post. In Belgium, the Flanders tourist board has launched “Clinique Scheelboute“, the website of a medical center that allows you to get implanted an additional body part (an ear, an arm, a leg) to fully enjoy your experience of the region.

The point is that the Flanders have so much to offer that you can’t experience them at full with a “regular” human body. You need at least two arms more to carry all the bags you will collect because in Antwerp you will shop twice as much; you need an ear implanted in your hand to enjoy all the music offered by bars and the concert halls etc…

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