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Show off your creativity

No matter if you are on the agency or on the client side, if you enjoy reading Adverblog, help us making it even better: show off and tell us about your work. Any digital/interactive project on the web, on mobile, outdoor or at retail level etc… is always welcome. We also love to see print campaigns, events, social media activations, music videos, art projects and more. If it’s creative, we’d love to hear about it!

Please don’t get in touch to tell us you’ve just acquired another company, you launched a new technology or you’ve promoted/hired someone. As you can see from the content on the site we don’t write about these stuffs and we won’t even open the email. Yes, this sounds a bit rude, but after 8 years and tons of useless emails, we’d like to get a bit of respect from our PR friends.

This is the address to submit great advertising & marketing ideas: [email protected] com


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