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IKEA + HAY - teaser film for a design collaboration

July 7, 2016 at 10:26 by Nikolaj Comments

I was involved in this project so I’m not going to judge it - I will simply say that we are quite proud of it.
The aim of this film is to tease about the upcoming collaboration between IKEA and Danish furniture designer HAY. We had to deal with two challenges; we couldn’t show any products as they are not yet ready and the style and approach has to be in line with both brands. After talking to the designers we chose to focus on the fascination of the raw materials that we felt was very strong.

The creative collaboration of Kuhl & Solvstrom, Barkas and Nikextension has been working intensively with global creative projects for IKEA for almost two years. Until now, ALL projects has been confidential and therefore not known to anyone outside IKEA. This is the very first public project.

Client: IKEA
Agency: Nikextension
Production Company: Kuhl & Solvstrom
Creative Director: Nikolaj Fremming (Nikextension)
Concept: Mike Wittrup (Barkas), Nikolaj Fremming (Nikextension), Morten Kühl Christensen
Art Direction: Barkas, Mike Wittrup, Morten Kühl Christensen
Design & Animation: Morten Kühl Christensen
Houdini FX: Morten Kühl Christensen
Sound Design: Kong Malthe, Jakob Littauer

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