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Save the account!

July 19, 2005 at 8:40 by Martina Comments

I know it might sound weird, but what I’m gonna talk about now is apparently the first example of viral marketing in Italy. Save the account is a provocative idea by ebolaindustries to promote the advertising agency Enfants Terribles. Enfant Terribles has a peculiar characteristic: it works only with planners and creative people, no account manager nor executive finds a place in the agency’s structure.
save_account.gifThe accounts loosing their jobs and stressed by an hard daily life decided to gather and protest against their dismission. The sit-in took place in Milan on May 16th, in occasion of the Advertising Gala, generating a lot of buzz in the industry. The (fake) accounts, in a pure guerilla marketing style, distributed 300 pins and flyers to the people attending the advertising event, asking them to go online and support the Save the Account movement. In a few days the word spread around and hundreds people visited the site to find out more about this strange activity.
Save the account is a nice website, full of advertainment content many of you will appreciate, for example visit “How to recycle an account” or “Couple therapy” for accounts and their clients. There is also a viral video to watch, which highlights the frustrations in an account daily relationship with a difficult client.

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