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Virgin, exercise your muscle

November 27, 2005 at 1:28 by Martina Comments

Thanks to Chris, I’ve found this advergame created by Virgin on Using a magnifying glass the challenge is to name the 74 music bands represented in the crowded image I show below. The Eagles and B’52 are probably the easiest to spot. Definitely the perfect game for a Sunday, rainy, afternoon.

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15 Responses to Virgin, exercise your muscle

  1. Todd says:

    i’m stuck at 40

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m stuck at 35, where are the answers, I’m getting frustrated!! Thanks

  3. stacey says:

    i’m stuck at 54… it’s starting to do my head in… help!!

  4. Kouhai says:

    i actually found 75.. more than… so I guess i named too much?

  5. Dave Roberts says:

    I’ve found 93…………………….ways to kill myself through frustration.
    I’ve discovered 51 bands (and some of them probably don’t really exist)
    Where are the soddin’ answers???
    Love Dave

  6. brandi says:

    What is the group of guys in all white? I know it has to be a clue, but I can’t figure out for what. I tried Jesus Freaks, We are Scientists, Quite Riot. I have 69 answers right now.

  7. Wouter says:

    I think the white guys are: the cult

  8. J says:

    teh guys in white are the manic street preachers…..what on earth is the bendy ladies in the street and the tree on the hill…and everything else forthat matter!! help!!!!

  9. zloy says:

    I think tree&hill=cypress hill

  10. Emmahuelle says:

    Where are the answers. Everyone in my office is so frustated now!!!!!!! Thanks

  11. SEBASTIAN says:

    jane is with the cowboy junkies so i figure it has to be janes addiciton

  12. Luigi says:

    The bendy ladies in the street………the only one I figured is Twisted Sister

  13. Mike says:

    The guys in white are the Manic Street Preachers I reckon

  14. Matthew A says:

    i have had enough of this challenge. i just hit the 30 mark and it is killing me. whats with all the fruit and veges and the bloody kids and pictures on the walls. i am so over this but i just cannot let it go. well done virgin you have made me crazy.

  15. Emmanuelle says:

    I guess the kids behind the windows are “Crowded House” and the vegetables/fruits are “Lemon Heads”, “Red Hot Chilli Peppers”.
    Who are the guys on the roof?

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