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The Elf Zapper

December 9, 2005 at 10:35 by Martina Comments

WebTrends has launched a Christmas advergame (developed by Inbox Digital). The Elf Zapper is an extremely addictive game, you shouldn’t start playing at work… since you will “waste” too much time and, you know, in Q4 this cannot happen :-)

So, talking, about the game, it’s really funny, even if you end up playing all the levels in the same room. But from a marketing perspective, I don’t really see how it’s connected to the WebTrends brand. Unfortunately this is a problem we often face with advergames. Anyway, at least, in minisite there is a tiny call to action to get a WebTrends free trial, which might appeal young site developers who enjoy playing online. And the game itself definitely has the potentials to generate some word-of-mouth.

One Response to The Elf Zapper

  1. emily says:

    It’s cool, but took forever to load (on broadband) and crashed my computer.

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