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Slap the mat

April 14, 2007 at 8:41 by Martina Comments

Product demonstration meets advertainment in Splat the mat a mini-site to promote automotive floor mats stain and odor resistant. You can test the product’s characteristics yourself, by throwing on the mats everything from ketchup to coffee and blueberry pie. Rest assured, with water and tissue every spot will be clean. If you feel like, you can even “suggest a spill”, but the end result will not change.

The site experience is quick and funny, plus the video demonstration grabs the user’s attention and surely delivers the message. There’s also a call to action for an immediate buy which makes the effort even more interesting from an online marketing perspective. It’s great to watch a clever example of advertainment so much sales oriented.
The agency behind it is Erwin-Penland.

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