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Rexona Power Pamplona

July 18, 2007 at 11:52 by Martina Comments

On BuzzingBees I’ve discovered a very cool project launched by Rexona, which integrates online and offline without forgetting to be consistent with the brand positioning (unfortunately this is not so common). The project is called Extreme Pamplona and it moves in the direction of brave and tough “real” men already seen with Stunt City and Action Hero. The idea, in this case, is to recruit crazy people to represent their country in an adrenalin-pumping chase next week in Pamplona.

Unfortunately the recruiting stage is now over, but there’s still an addictive “Prince of Persia” style advergame to play. The loader (see below) it’s brilliant and made me smile, but the whole game is niceand can get you hooked for quite some time, at least until you don’t meet all the characters that populate the different levels.

The game, as the action in Pamplona, it’s a chase: you have to run away from a series of “enemies” who want to get their hands on you in different countries. You start in Spain, where you obviously have to escape from a bull then, if you win, you can either go to Germany (and run away from a crazy beer girl) or to The Netherlands where a “red light district worker wants to stop you.

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One Response to Rexona Power Pamplona

  1. Nicolas says:

    A dream come true: after only two months of blogging, the best advertising blog ever mentions my little blog :-) Thanks alot, Martina!

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