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Cyberlions: what do you think?

June 23, 2008 at 6:30 by Martina Comments

Winners are out. Uniqclock project by Projector and the Sol Comments project (first unveiled to the world right here on Adverblog!) and Year Zero won the Cyberlion.


What is your feeling about the winners? Do you believe any good project has been left behind? Do you think a project has been overrated?
Personally, I think that Uniqlock and Sol were just great and absolutely deserved the Grand Prix. But then, from a purely marketing perspective I think that Waitless and Drive-In game deserved more than the Bronze Lion, while Absolut Machines (gold) and Get Out and Play (silver) were not as good as the jury decided.
And you, what do you think?

5 Responses to Cyberlions: what do you think?

  1. Fr�d�ric says:

    Advertising: absolutely agree! The live banners took advertising to another level. Uniqlock: nice to see that the jury awarded community efforts rather than one-shot campaigns. For the virals, I was a bit surprised to see that neither Fight For Kisses, nor Jealous Computers recieved an award.

  2. Jep says:

    Uniqlock? I don’t get it. Can anyone explain me what’s so interesting about this clock idea?

  3. Javier Cami says:

    Hi everybody,
    as one of the juries at Cyber Lions 2008, I’ll try to explain what were our thoughts when judging the material entered for competition (almost 3,000 pieces)
    The main goal for this year was identify and award those works that were great in three aspects:
    - Creativity
    - Innovation
    - Clever usage of the digital medium (that is, those ideas that only work on a digital media, and were not mere adaptations from other media)
    We all agreed that there were so many great and impressive works, a lot of super productions, big money, and interesting content. But the main goal was not to award because of a beautiful artwork, tons of funny videos, or just due to the money spent in big sports stars.
    To be awarded it should comply with the three lines of evaluation.
    Defining if some work deserves a Gold, Silver or bronze, it’s much more difficult since being 25 juries makes the process complicated.
    As an example it took us more than an hour and half decide a winner of one of the grand prix.
    At the end I feel (as well as the other juries) that the goal of identifying great work, not being indulgent, looking for innovation and creativity (no matter the size of the production)was accomplished.
    Best Regards
    Javier Cami
    (cyberlions 2008 Jury)

  4. glen says:

    honestly disappointing in the quality if “ideas” displayed throughout the winners for cannes cyber lions this year. Uniqlock is fun, energetic and the community layer at global level is smart. But we have seen it all before. And while nice executional idea, with a slick choice in music bed, this is old-world interactive, executional idea over a real concept. That the creative community fell in love with something that we can find from 4 or five years ago, shows us the danger in how we as humans are duped by what appears as novelty.

  5. Gerdien Stevense says:

    Hi Jep,
    I don’t see anything interesting in this clock idea either.

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