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Re-charge your Nescafe

September 12, 2008 at 7:43 by Martina Comments

Introducing Nescafe Charge, directly from Japan, a product that, at first sight, looks absolutely useless or, better, superfluous: a recharge for your Nescafe stock.


However, as usual, it’s important to go beyond appearances. If you have a better look around, you smile watching an Einstein look-alike who explains you the brilliance of Nescafe Charge, and then you realize it’s all about being eco-friendly (I still have a lot to learn in this field).


Don’t miss the “try charge” section. It’s so amusing (and weird) that they make you play with the product to understand how it works. Learning by doing also online. Why not?

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2 Responses to Re-charge your Nescafe

  1. Japan has always been very conscious of waste. You have to when it costs so much to dispose of rubbish! The interesting thing to note here is that the branding element of the package is saved and reused. Japanese culture is high consensus, and displaying what products and services you consume is important to demonstrate you fit in.

  2. Robin says:

    The soundwork makes the site really enjoyable!

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