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Red bubbles for H&M

November 10, 2008 at 6:51 by Martina Comments

The collaboration between H&M and Comme de Garcon creates a world made of red bubbles and outfits ready to be explored. The website is simple and effective in presenting the collection and explaining the co-lab, but it misses a bit of magic.


Of course I don’t expect H&M to be inspirational, but given the peculiarity of the project I would have expected an additional touch of coolness. Everything is clean and easy to explore and, as usual, the prices of the items are always there to immediately satisfy your curiosity.


The interface, on the contrary, works pretty well in the German version, where some of the items are available for immediate purchase through the ecommerce store.

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3 Responses to Red bubbles for H&M

  1. Elle Korhaliller says:

    I agree I got bored of this site very quickly.
    I don’t know if you can help me but I am a final year student of New Media and I am writing an essay entitled:
    �Producers produce and communicate, while consumers receive and consume�- Varey 2002
    Is New Media advertising merely a continuation of this or is it an entirely new approach?�
    Now, I am full of examples but can you think of any theoretical books you have read that I would find helpful?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Yeah it is practical, but not too exciting.

  3. Lindsey Christine says:

    I do agree, not the most exciting of ideas. I think for this company, however, it is a step up. It is nearly impossible to find a full-blown outfit in this store with the number of tables and racks everywhere you turn, and a little stressful to be quite frank. I do love their clothes, however.

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