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IKEA’s storytelling

February 8, 2009 at 10:32 by Martina Comments

In Sweden IKEA tries a new approach to its digital communication, exploring storytelling with a mix of videos and illustrations. The goal is to introduce the new IKEA PS collection, a line of eco-focused products just launched on the market. The result, as usual, is very beautiful and inspiring.


The viewer is taken through a fabulous journey flying over seas and cities with a flock of weird flying objects. Each object hides a designer who is ready to tell you the story of the object he (or she) created for IKEA.


It is definitely a new way for IKEA to present its products but, as said above, the result is always very good because it mixes concreteness and dreams with beauty and storytelling.


If I understood correctly the post on Webbsverige, the concepts comes from Ikea’s creative department and it has been produced by Kokokaka and Kan.

One Response to IKEA’s storytelling

  1. Ryan Moede says:

    Excellent post, and I’m impressed with IKEA’s work on this campaign. Both Apple and Nike invested in marketing through great video interviews with their product team, and it seems like this is a great strategy we’ll be seeing more of down the road.

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