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Blogging One Show Interactive 2009

March 2, 2009 at 10:46 by Mark Comments

This year i’m part of the jury for 2009 One Show Interactive competition, so needless to say how happy and excited i am, looking forward to meet some old friends and meeting some new people that i admire and respect so much, to discuss some of the best works in the industry.
A couple of weeks ago i got an email from Kevin Swanepoel, President of the One Club organization about jurors blogging the process of voting from their personal point of view, so i liked the idea and after talking about that with Martina i thought that Adverblog would be a nice place to write about that rather than in a personal blog of mine.
Guessing some other people will write about that, i think i’ll be just updating this post (so bookmark it or revisit it often if you’re interested) or creating a couple more of them (i don’t know yet, i think i’ll discover as soon as i land in New York City in a couple of weeks), as well as posting things at Twitter under the #oneshow09 and #oneshow hashtags. Obviously, i won’t be writing to trash anyone and not because i’m speaking about some project i liked means anything further than that. Oh, and also i was told not to reveal the winners either :)

(update: March 16th, 2009 / 11:56pm)
So here we are in NYC, today we had a little welcome drinks celebration in which almost every juror could meet the others, at least for a while. Tomorrow at 8.30am we start voting, you can follow the #oneshow and #oneshow09 hashtags in Twitter :)
(update: March 15th, 2009 / 7:36pm)


It’s been a couple of hours since i finished my voting for this first round, still in Saltillo (Mexico) while some other jurors have already made their way to NYC. I’m packing now because i’m flying there really early in the morning so i’ll be able to hang out a little bit in the evening while i try to post some info at Twitter, although i don’t know if my 3G data service will work so i hope i’ll find a good wi-fi router that helps me :)
I saved a good amount of cool work, this is part of it:
- “Talk to Frank”, for Home Office, DoH, DCSF and COI
- “Candle Cannon”, for Erbert and Gerbert’s
- “Breaking bad”, for the same name TV show
- “Flash!”, for Adidas Originals
- “Naturvernforbundet petition”, for Friends of the Earth Norway
- “Play”, for Mercedes Benz in Japan
- “Dark Temptation Game”, for Axe
- “Love Distance”, for Sagami Rubber Industries (i wrote about that project here before)
- “The GTS Journal”, for Nintendo
- “Whittmanhart Back to School”, for Sears
- “The Exposure of Tom King”, for Emirates Airlines
- “François the Talking Mime”, for Wines of France
- “Hello! Runners map”, for Adidas Japan
- “The Sound Advice Project”, for the project of the same name about kids avoiding drug use
- “Nokia Nidget Factory”, for Nokia N-series
- “Find it”, for Sony Ericsson mobile phones
- “Jump in!”, for 20th Century Fox and its “Jumper” movie
- “Cantonese speaking mobile application”, for Guinness
- “Hello, world”, for Softbank in Japan
- “The banner concerts campaign”, for Axion
- “Head 2 Head”, for Nike Football
- “Bob the Lamp”, a project from Digit London
- “Paula Chasing”, for Nike+
- “Get a load of this”, for EA Sports
- “100 faces”, for ABCN
- “Driving School films”, for State Farm
- The “Why so serious?” campaign, for “Batman: The Dark Knight” movie
As a final comment, and in my opinion, the microsite format, as we all know about it nowadays is coming to an end. Looks like an expensive interactive version of the old TV spot format. Formerly, people watched TV ads and then they went to the related site, now this kind of site is not enough. Not the information has changed, it’s just that there’s a lot much more of information flowing, and campaigns running succesful are not using single microsites as a dead end, but as an intermediate level into social media or into another actions from the same brand. In fact, it looks like the Facebook app became the new microsite, as it is easier to share while inside of a social network.
I found out interesting too that the success of many collaborative campaigns is obviously in a deep relationship with the way in which users embrace technology as a habit. That is maybe the reason of why US and specially Japanese campaigns engage people in such an outstanding way, and makes me think of the face that many brand managers would show if we’d propose such things here in Mexico, for instance, LOL.
And finally, there’s a LOT of cool stuff already done for mobile devices; it was often said that mobile connectivity was the future but apps weren’t worth of that quote. But now, and not because of the content available as a content itself, but because of the content that allows the device to become more of a tool or an interface to get people involved, i think that mobile is now a driving force for interactive experiences.
And now, i keep on packing, see you tomorrow JFK airport, let’s see how much i’m allowed to Tweet :)
(update: March 11th, 2009 / 1:16pm)


Hey there! sorry for the lack of updates but it’s a really busy week at work, and aditionally new entries came up for voting last monday so i got 165 more works to check (just to note that each juror only votes for a certain amount of pieces in this phase)
I think i’m finishing my list friday morning so i’ll come then with some other links for this post :)
(update: March 4th, 2009 / 9:24am)


I started voting banners. I like banners, so i often spend hours at Bannerblog where i had seen already some of the ones i’ve seen these days but i found some other nice pieces of work. These are some that i liked:
- “Old man”, for Internavi, Honda’s car navigation system
- “Annoying Hu Jin Tao”, for Amnesty International
- “Every angle, every side” banner campaign for mioTV - Al Jazeera English channel
- “Send to a friend”, for DHL in Germany
(update: March 2nd, 2009 / 5:35pm)


This whole week is about voting online to pick up the works that will be shortlisted and discussed later when we all meet in New York City for the final rounds. Kind of simple, just IN, OUT or ABSTAIN options for each entry, and a “This is cool stuff” checkbox, letting know the other people voting that you liked that and having at least a bit of a “talk” in a process involving such loneliness as voting online, with no other than your friends to confront your opinions about an specific piece of work. I’m starting to vote tonight so i haven’t seen much yet, but looks like there are a good amount of “cool stuff” already checked as that by fellows, see you later then :)

6 Responses to Blogging One Show Interactive 2009

  1. eric says:

    Congratz ! i like to read your blog. Feed me lots of info & ideas on whats happening in the world of digital marketing scene. Keep it up. Cheers !

  2. Digital Buzz says:

    Nice Daniel, congrats on becoming a judge and I certianly look forward to reading this post as you start blogging through the awards! :)

  3. Diego Montesano - Genes says:

    Great! :-)

  4. Peter says:

    I want to see a update!

  5. Daniel Granatta says:

    i’m working on an update! sorry for the delay, it’s being really a busy week at work :)

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