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The coolest University website ever

July 11, 2009 at 1:40 by Martina Comments

I bet you have never seen a cool University website. I don’t mean usable, useful and interesting, I really mean “cool”. Well, in Japan Zokei University has recently launched a website and a recruitment campaign that are terribly cool and engaging.


The website looks exactly like a 8-bit videogame, and I can’t imagine a better way to drive recruitment for an art and design school. If the website is so fresh and “brave”, you can definitely expect their approach to education to be as fresh and open.


Even the music is in 8-bit. Brilliant!
Reading around a couple of Japan focused blogs, I also found out that among the students pictured on the website you can even meet four girls who look similar to the four girls of the anime/manga K-On!

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2 Responses to The coolest University website ever

  1. Drew says:

    Miami ad school has had a landing site that has had this look for a long time.

  2. Lucas Tadeu says:

    Wow, really cool website.
    It remembers me of the old super nintendo games.
    Pretty cool.
    Thanks for this post, really nice.

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