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Mastercard Witness History

July 5, 2011 at 7:23 by Martina Comments

A sweet social project from Australia that celebrates the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2011. Where were you when the history of rugby was made?

Re-watch the highlights, hold your breath again, remember that moment. And tag yourself. If you love rugby, I’m sure you can tell where, how and with whom you were watching those games. I could easily do it for football (soccer). And I wish Mastercard had a website for that too!!!

There is also a competition attached, and you can win tickets to the games.

As Carmela pointed out in the note she sent us “it’s a social, promotional and emotional experience“. And what’s super funny to me, is that the other day I was having dinner with a few friends and we were discussing exactly the same idea for the next football World Cup!

The version for the Australian market is here while the NZ version is here.

The agency is MercerBell.

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