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HTC ChaCha pushes your Facebook button

July 31, 2011 at 2:17 by Tim Comments

I guess there is no better post to follow my previous one about staying off Facebook. HTC’s smartphone ‘ChaCha’ wants you to share like there’s no tomorrow, simply by pressing the magic f-button at the bottom of its keyboard. And naturally HTC are promoting this feature within facebook itself. Install their app and ‘see what happens when you push it’ - the result is an extreme version of your own facebook existence. Have a look at my own version in which my dumb profile photo fits serendipitously.

You can give it a go here. As a native German I was smitten by the Richard Strauss ending, but even if you are not of Teutonic extraction: it all feels very personal once your own profile photo and friends populate the film.

Product: HTC ChaCha
Agency: Fearlessly FrankSociety 46F

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