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8 Hours in Brooklyn

August 19, 2011 at 11:50 by Tim Comments

Jonathan Bregel was lucky enough to get his hands on the high-speed camera Phantom Flex for the weekend and documented 8 hours in Brooklyn - with zero pre-production and only a small crew. Add nice grading and a massive sound track by Skream and you got yourself a kick ass super slo-mo neighbourhood documentary (if such a thing exists).

Jonathan blogs about his project: “I have honestly seen too many slow-motion explosions, face slaps, and popping water balloons, that I thought capturing real culture, and real emotion would be a cool change of pace.” Make sure to watch it in HD and full screen.

Many brands spend a good few months with their agency, nutting out a shoot not too different from this one. But apparently you can do it all in one Sunday, if you are lucky.

Production: Next Level Picture
Soundtrack: Skream - “Where you should be“

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