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Axe Auto Romeo

October 3, 2011 at 5:06 by Martina Comments

Axe is one of those brands that very often comes up with nice digital ideas. Some of those are sexy, others are just sexist, but most of the times they at least share a good sense of humor. Axe Auto Romeo is app that will help guys to flirt with more than one lady at the time.

Basically guys need to answer a few questions about their ladies and set the flirt level. The application will create tailored messages that will pay attention to the ladies of their behalf.

The app could potentially work both for little bastards who can’t help flirting with more than one girl at the time, but also for lazy or even worse uninspired men looking to spice up their relationships a bit.

As a girl, I just would love a lady-hacker could mess-up a bit with the messages sent out by the application :)

The agency is BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore.

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