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Audit your Friends. Visualize your relationships

February 8, 2012 at 6:15 by Martina Comments

Over the past year or so I’m sure you’ve seen dozen of social media related infographic. Most of them are pretty interesting and certainly very nicely done. But probably none of those is as beautiful and, I would say, intense, as this project by Colin Pinegar.

Colin “audited” his Facebook friends and visually mapped out his relationships. He asked himself questions ranging from personal (do I know this person’s phone number?) to generic (can I recognize this person by their name alone?) and assigned each of his cyber-friends a score ranging from 1-25 (those that scored less than 1 were de-friended). Each score was then plotted on a color spectrum. He then made a wax bust of himself for each person in the color that corresponded to their score, purple being assigned the the most intimate friends with whom he interacts in person.

via Fast.Co

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