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The World Is In Play

February 27, 2012 at 7:08 by Martina Comments

Yeah, I know this Sony PS Vita commercial will give you the feeling of a déjà vu. But, still, I find it beautiful, dramatic, emotional and it definitely make me like Sony and possibly inspires me to play videogames.

However, it’s also interesting to read some of the comments in the gamers’ communities. A lot of people did not like it because it doesn’t really tell you much about the PS Vita. The question is pretty challenging: is it OK to create a beautiful advertising campaign with the simple goal of generating curiosity and awareness? Is it OK to let (or force) people to “google” to find the answers to their curiosity? I would say let’s keep the TVC inspiring and emotional. And let’s make sure keyword advertising is part of the media planning. Long life to brand communication!

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