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Senador Volstead : Prohibited Beer

May 28, 2013 at 1:51 by Laurent Comments

Launching a product by hiding it. One can think it is audacious. Or irresponsible. The Spanish beer Senador Volstead makes it creative.

Its name comes from Senator Volstead, known as the father of the Prohibition act in USA, during the 20′s. It inspired Cheil Spain, which decided to play with it. If you go to you will find a website dedicated to some cute handcrafted Teddy Bears.

Now, if you resize the window of your browser, the html5 website will redefine the content and reveal materials about the handcrafted beer. From bear to beer…

You can even order some bottles which will be delivered hidden in a soft toy.

Such a strategy is close to insane, and the risk is obviously that by trying not to be seen… you wouldn‚Äôt be seen at all ! But on a very cluttered market, where talking to young people is critical, this approach is a good bet. Then you “just” need to connect to the right people to spread the word among the right communities.

Here is a video case study :



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