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Innovation or Fail?

May 14, 2016 at 11:14 by Mark Comments

Innovation in advertising is great.
Innovation in advertising sometimes shits me to tears.
It’s awards season and every agency and their dog has rolled out ‘new’ ideas using technology that we simply do NOT need. They create amazing case study video’s that tell you why it’s a MUST to have these things. You decide from a few selected below. Are these useful or just a waste of time and money? Know of any others?

Samsung Galaxy Surfboard
Well the entire reason for getting out the back, reading the waves and relaxing is to get away from everything that is on land, not to get constant messages that disrupt your precious moment in the surf. Imagine you are in your zone and you get a message “Get home NOW - the baby needs a change” on the nose of your board? Ruin the moment? Yep.

As if you already don’t have enough anxiety at work without getting constant posts from your lonely pet. Geez. Who needs that?

Peggy - A smart clothes peg (seriously)
As Engadget says ‘It’s a bit of a PR stunt. Most of this information could be obtained with a decent weather app. Otherwise, you can do what homeowners have been doing for, well, centuries, and keep one eye on the sky when your washing is hanging outside.’

Of course there are many others… let us know what one’s you are wary of.

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