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Porter and the Driving Dogs

on December 11, 2012 by Mark Comments

Porter is a dog. But he can drive a Mini Cooper:

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Now dogs can tweet

on February 14, 2010 by Martina Comments

My next dog will have a Twitter account. So silly but so cool this iPhone application which is about to be released in Japan: it translates your dog’s barks into “human” language, and it automatically tweets them to the world.

Social networking for dog (owners). I’m curious to see which topics will generate buzz in the dogosphere… I know how crazy you can get if you have a dog. And you are a geek via Tokyo Mango.

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Fashion for dogs and ecommerce dogs (owners)

on January 20, 2010 by Martina Comments

From Japan another great example of digital communication and a clear demonstration that the online media and online commerce are (more than) ready to support any brand or product (if the communication is done in the right way). Today we talk about dogs, fashion and ecommerce. The brand is called Free Stitch and produces clothing for small dogs. I personally hate the idea of putting a ridiculous cloth on my dog but I appreciate small dogs might suffer cold… and this website would definitely push me to buy something fashionable.

The experience is brilliant, with a gallery of “models” wearing the different items and the absolutely fantastic possibility to browse the collection by clothing or by “dog”.

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A mobile for Lassie

on January 24, 2005 by Martina Comments

According to Pc Magazine Petscell will try to take advantage of a market worth $34bn per year in the US alone, by selling mobile phones for cats and dogs. Dog owners will be able to track their pets through a GPS chip and a digital camera and to talk to them through a microphone (?!!?). The mobile phone will also feature a “call owner” button which I presume will be used by eventual pets’ finder to get in touch with the owner.

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