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AIDS is not a present

on October 7, 2005 by Martina Comments

.start for Muenchener AIDS-Hilfe (Germany). And you, what do you bring to your partner?

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Renault “viral” safety campaign

on September 28, 2005 by Martina Comments

IB left a comment here on Adverblog pointing to a nice online marketing campaign run in Germany by Renault. On (which means Safety) you find a funny video (click Crash! Boom! Bang!) promoting French cars, which the spot claims to be the safest you can buy. I really the video because it makes a smart use of stereotypes through metaphors. It’s a little bit cryptic the first time you watch it, but once you understand it, you realize it’s brilliant since it’s not obvious. I suspect Nordpol Hamburg is behind this, but I’m not sure. Does anyone know?

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Advertising to dogs

on September 23, 2005 by Martina Comments

A great outdoor ad created by Leo Burnett (Germany) for Affinity Petcare. [ad via Advertising/Design Goodness]

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Leibniz, Milk & Honey

on September 12, 2005 by Martina Comments

Kolle Rebbe for Leibniz cookies (Germany).

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Fan Club Germany, an advertising challenge for Germans

on September 11, 2005 by Martina Comments

Product: Germany. Target: Germans. Looking at the surveys, 89 percent of French and 79 percent of Russians have a favorable view of Germany. Unfortunately, the same surveys say only 64 percent of Germans perceive their own country in a positive way. This is an issue the government will try to solve with a $20 million advertising and public relations campaign. As The International Herald Tribune explains, a business and government-funded group called FC Deutschland (Fan Club Germany) in soccer fashion has been created and further similar initiatives will start soon. The advertising campaign, branding Germany as “The Land of Ideas” will target Germans but also Americans, who apparently haven’t a good opinion of Germany since it objected to the US-led invasion of Iraq. Scholz & Friends will handle the creativity.

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TV spot against Tv gets no airtime

on September 6, 2005 by Martina Comments

Here is an interesting story from the International Herald Tribune. Stern, one of Germany’s most popular weekly magazine wanted to promote its Aug. 25th issue with a 12-second Tv spot on the leading German channels, but they didn’t manage to buy the space, because the Tv stations refused to air a spot which was actually againt television. The Stern issue featured the headline “Turn It Off: Why Television Has Gotten So Boring”. Even if the ad was rejected, Stern received quite a lot of PR boost so, in the end, maybe they just spared a lot of money…

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Germany set for online advertising record year

on August 9, 2005 by Martina Comments

In Germany the online advertising market will reach a record level this year, generating a business of over 750 million Euros. Banner advertising and sponsorships will be worth 490 million Euros, while search engine advertising will account for about 160 million Euros, with a 46 percent growth compared to 2004. Affiliate marketing is the sector showing the most relevant growth in percentage (67%), with a business now worth 100 million Euros.

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An MMS soap opera for a football team

on July 18, 2005 by Martina Comments

What do football players and soap operas have in common? A lot, if you open any gossip magazine here in Europe, and also if you have a look at what is going on in Germany. The St. Pauli football team has launched an MMS based soap opera, starring his midfielder Benjamin Adrion. The mobile service is called Paulisoap costs to the recipient € 0,99 per message. As football teams become brands, marketing becomes more and more important for them, and this is just another example of using the mobile channel to get in touch with their customers fans. Tag:

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Germany discusses soap opera product placement

on June 17, 2005 by Martina Comments

Germany seems to have a problem with product placement. An article on Deutsche Welle (in English!) points out that is getting more and more difficult to distinguish editorial content from advertising. Recently a polemic has emerged when it became clear that public Tv network ARD was broadcasting a soap opera (Marienhof) full of hidden promotional messages. Unfortunately the product placement “problem” is not limited to Germany, and the EU commission has started considering the issue. Brand Channel recently published an interesting article on brands and movie advertising moving beyond product placement deals.

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The perfect Coke

on June 14, 2005 by Martina Comments

Springer&Jacoby (Hamburg) for Coca-Cola Light.

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