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The email marketing dilemma

November 17, 2005 at 12:05 by Martina Comments

What’s the best day to send out your emails to customers? My friends at Eroi have just release an interesting report analysing the opening rates day by day and by list size.

“In Q3 of 2005 we notice that the middle of the week is the low point, as far as read and click statistics go. Noticeable high points in the week occur on Sunday and Friday for both stats. So from this quarter we reaffirm again that sending volume is inversely related to how reads and clicks are going to react with the one exception of Saturday.

You can download it for free here (opens .pdf).

One Response to The email marketing dilemma

  1. eTechSupport says:

    I think the best days of the week for sending out emails to customers are from tuesday to friday. These are the working days for majority of the people and on weekeends chances are people may not check their mailbox. There is always a possibility that your mail might not get noticed properly when a particular person checks his mailbox on a monday morning alongwith lots of other mails recieved over the weekend.

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