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The Glamour Stiletto Run

February 15, 2006 at 8:37 by Martina Comments

From the lovely Amsterdam a crazy idea by Bsur Concepting for Glamour: the Stiletto Run. On March 9th women will be challenged to race 75 meters in high heels, and the winner will be awarded with 10,000 euros. The event is currently being promoted with Tv, print and online ads, even if buzz will definitely make the difference to spread the word.
In the image below, on the right side you see the heels you are allowed to use, while on the left you see what you cannot wear.

The event will take place in an A’dam shopping district, which is still not known. I’d love to see the race taking place on the Leidestraat… think how difficult (and funny) it will be running in heels avoiding trams and tourists :-) )
[news via AdRants]

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7 Responses to The Glamour Stiletto Run

  1. There’s no way I could run 5 meters in high heels, much less 75. I think there should be a prize for any woman who enters.
    But very creative idea - and will get attention for Glamour. Hope its the right type of attention.

  2. deborah says:

    bsur concepting is da bomb. can i have an internship overthere? who do i have to talk to. advice please

  3. macnix says:

    It has been done before in Portugal!
    Almost 2 years ago, Vodafone sub-brand YORN, did an event called “Yorn Go Racing”.
    There where 2 contests on for girls and one for boys!!!
    Pretty hilarious!
    They had to run 50 meters with high heels, in tipical Portuguese stone laid road…

  4. Jurjen says:

    Hello Deborah, thanks for your enthusiasm. You can get in touch with Frank Haveman (strategy director) for an internship at bsur. Just give him a call at +31 20 460 2500.

  5. David says:

    50 meters in high heels!Hmmm,any chance you could forward a video of that?

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