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Merry Christmas the Coca Cola way

December 27, 2008 at 3:40 by Martina Comments

I know I arrive a few days later than due, but I’d like to wish Merry Christmas to everybody sharing this amusing website created by Gringo for Coca-Cola Brazil.


The site allows you to send amusing animated Christmas cards wishing love, health, luck etc… to your relatives and friends. Video plays an important role in the mechanism, as you have an elf at your disposal to deliver your friends with a personalized message.

Althought the idea of sending cards has been already seen thousands times, this website is still well done and worth being mentioned.


Brands like Coca-Cola are forced by the market laws to do something for the Holiday Season, just because people expect them to be online/on air.Year after year it isn’t easy to be creative and at the same time consistent with the brand and the Xmas message and in this case Gringo managed to create something simple yet effective in generating the minimum buzz such an action is expected to generate.
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