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A coin to stop the Seal Killers

July 31, 2012 at 7:14 by Martina Comments

Another very nice “offline interactive” idea made in Germany to raise awareness on the stupid and cruel seals killing happening around the world in countries like Canada, Russia and Norway just to name a few. Every year almost a million seals are killed for their pelts, their fat and their flesh. A huge number that gets even more awful if you think how cruelly the animals are killed (using a firearm!).

A billboard was installed encouraging people to use their small change to make seal hunters disappears. Citizens walking by the installation were prompted to throw the coins to the wall enabled by hundreds of magnets until the image of the killer was completely covered and disappeared from the sight. What a great way to have people interact for a few minutes with the campaign message. Love it.

The agency is Jung von Matt/Neue Elbe.

via Florian Marquardt (AD on the project).

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