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Carlsberg put friends to the test

March 13, 2013 at 1:09 by Laurent Comments

It looks like the beer industry is addicted to pranks. Carlsberg just did it again. The beer brand is using a trick that made itself and Heineken successful in the past years : put “real” people in the middle of the action and pull a prank on them. Does this one work ?

See by yourselves.

Now let’s see how this new episode fits in the Beer Pranks saga. Flashback.

You may have in mind the brillant stunt from Heineken that took place in 2010 in Italy around a Champions League game :

Carlsberg reacted a year later with bikers in a cinema (12M views) :

Last month Heineken stroke with The Candidate (3M views)

And so we have today a new stunt from Carlsberg and its Friendship Test. The brand wants you to spread the word by asking your friend whether they will help you or not, through a Facebook app.

According to me too simple and not engaging enough, but maybe the simpler, the better.

As for the video, as usual in this kind of scenario, one can doubt of the credibility of the scenes and the nature of the people involved : innocent people or comedians ? But the mechanism works, when you are exposed to it, you spontaneously ask yourself : what will I do in the same situation ?

Credits go to the Belgium agency from Publicis Duval Guillaume Modem

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