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Do it for Denmark! – ovulation-based travel discounts

March 28, 2014 at 2:32 by Nikolaj Comments

Danish travel agency Spies are back with yet another clever take on the positive side-effects of traveling. Last time they sent two Solar Charging Dummies on holiday - one in Denmark and one in Spain to prove that the latter would be more (sexually) charged after a week in the sun. This time they’re charged to battle the dropping Danish birth rates as it turns out that couples have 46% more sex when they’re traveling.
That’s great but I think that the real genius lies in Ovulation Calendar that helps you book when you’re the most fertile. If you can prove that you conceived a child on that trip you can win a three-year supply of baby stuff and a child-friendly holiday.

Check out the site: Do It For Denmark

Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded
Client: Spies

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