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Wilkinson Fight For Kisses

September 11, 2007 at 7:08 by Martina Comments

I believe Sigmund Freud might have something to say about the new Wilkinson campaign from France that exploits Edipus Complex to promote a razor. Ignoring psychoanalysis and concentrating on the pure entertaining/advertising side of the concept, watch the video below and let me know whether or not the concept is brilliant and has the potential to generate a lot of buzz.

There is also site to check out with a series of goodies and an advergame to download (98MB) and play to win a series of prizes.

I download it and installed it on my PC (I haven’t seen a Mac version around), I played it but unfortunately the gaming experience is not as cool as I expected. A “regular” Shockwave advergame to be played online would have been enough to engage the audience. On the contrary, what they’ve created results to be rather pretentious, far from being perfect from a usability point of view and also demanding in terms of users actions to be part of the action (download, install, understand the moves, play… win).
So in the end I would give 9 to the concept and the video and 4 to the execution of the online accessory part. Am I too nasty? Let me know! ;-)
PS: here comes the full list of credits… 5ème gauche did the site, Akama did the movie, Wanda followed the production and Ginger Studios created the game.

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5 Responses to Wilkinson Fight For Kisses

  1. hannah Muirhead says:

    Love it. So sick you can’t not really…

  2. xcsx says:

    Jesus. By any standards, that’s a bit weird.

  3. shiznu says:

    I see a pool in the back ground. Can daddy throw the baby in the pool? FINISH HIM!

  4. LivePaola says:

    I had the same comment: myths are very good structures for advertising campaigns. (Sorry blog post in Italian:

  5. Kent Karlsson says:

    OK, this video is probobly going to creat allot of buzz, but the most important thing is that this video and all the features with it will eventually die. Since the product and brand dosen’t show that much its still ok. But if you start showing the brand and product more, this video is to short lived to gain enough revenue for both company and brand.

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