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Interview Series V5 - Matt Harty

April 14, 2011 at 12:19 by Mark Comments

Matt Harty is the FOX International Channels VP FOX Networks AsiaPac and Middle-East (longest title yet) based out of Hong Kong

Q1. What is the number one thing about your job that gets you out of bed in the morning?
I think that most people who run digital divisions are “spinning plates” to a degree. A combination of having to keep things moving and the satisfaction of getting further into your development plans are a pretty rewarding and exciting thing.
Q2. What are your favorite sites/digi campaigns right now?
I am seeing some pretty cool grass-roots campaigns coming up via Groupon. I think when we give our clients access to instant gratification campaigns, it also broadens their appetites for bigger, longer-term campaigns. For display campaigns, I liked Huawei’s launch of their IDEOS phone. It was really well executed, in that you saw the ad everywhere. They managed to lay very high frequency on their target audience.
Q3. Who is the new kid on the block - the agency/business to watch for the future?
Social Media is changing all of our jobs and the entire digital landscape. Social Media Monitoring is a key part of this transformation. A company called Statsit provides me real insights in a market where many are still guessing. Also, Google’s acquisition of InviteMedia is something I think will have some important near term impact on how online display media will be offered in AsiaPac.

Q4. What sector would you say is furthest ahead in digital marketing at the moment?

My clients are largely Travel and Consumer Electronics. Both are very digital savvy sectors. If I had to make a call I’d say that our tourism clients are doing more cutting edge stuff.
Q5. What technology or initiative is most likely to revolutionize Web/mobile marketing?
The answer is data. We are moving as an industry towards a shift from content to audience targeted advertising. Companies like BlueKai and Nuggad are combining with the reach of ad exchanges to find highly defined audiences and leading us towards a narrowcast future. Regardless of if we are talking about online display or mobile, the future of the “awareness” part of online marketing will be redefined by the use of data.
Q6. If you could wave your magic wand and change one thing about digital marketing what would it be?
I would love change the perception of it being “New Media” or anything different to any other platform we use for marketing. I am fairly sure that all marketers understand that the internet permeates every part of marketing from print and radio to outdoor and TV. It does not matter how you raise awareness or lay frequency, the internet is where the purchase research will likely happen. It is all one exercise and should not be seen as anything different and it is certainly not ‘new’ anymore.
Q7. What’s the biggest mistake people are making in mobile/Web marketing?
A lack SEO on campaign landing pages stopping the campaign from flowing and customers finding the offers they want to interact with. Sadly, I see this far too often.
Q8. What is the most useful resource site/blog you use?
I write for www.ClickZ.Asia so I obviously think that is a great resource for Asia internet marketing information. The Asian trade press is essential (Campaign and Marketing). Also I use Twitter to aggregate headlines from tech and online marketing sites.

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